A strange graphical glitch

Hello. I recently purchased a gtx 460 768mb card, about 4 days ago, and ever since I installed it has had kind of a weird issue. I don't really know how to explain it. It's like there's some grayish lines flickering on the screen sometimes, but not all the time. It does this for all of my games.

It never did this with my previous graphics card. I don't really understand what it could be.

Also, I just realized that it only does this in any dark color areas of the game, if that has anything do with it.

I'd give you guys a picture or a video, but it doesn't show it then. It only shows up in real time, which I find really strange and annoying.
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  1. Anyone help me?
  2. I'd suggest using different drivers. If you used the ones that came with it, go to Nvidia.com to get the official drivers from Nvidia.
  3. I've updated my drivers to the latest version of 260.99. I believe that would qualify as an official driver, wouldn't it?
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