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hi can u help me please. what can i do when my laptop keeps saying disc read error and i have already done the ctl+alt+del and nothing happened and i did the f8 and still nothing, can u help pls and thanks, helen
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  1. Boot the pc from your windows disk and go to the recovery console and run chkdsk /r /f

    reboot and see if windows boots but if it doesnt then reboot from your windows disk again and select the repair option this time. When done bootup normally and if windows loads then back up your data because sometimes this is just a sign of a drive about to completely fail (note I did say sometimes but I beleive "better safe than sorry")

    If it happens again then this is more likely a drive beginning to fail but then you have already backed up yor data <smile> and you can be thankfull harddrives are pretty cheap.

    Let us know how you made out. Keep in mind this will take quite some time to do.
  2. Disk read error are often caused by a faulty hard drive, I would back up your data if I were you. Other causes of this error are faulty memory or a buggy program. To check the hard drive, use the manufacturer of your hard drive diagnostic program that can be downloaded from their web site.
  3. Agreed.

    You should IMMEDIATELY backup your hard drive. If you have a Western Digital hard drive (even USB), use their free Acronis True Image software and make a backup of your entire C-drive (assuming it's your Windows drive) or other drive if not.

    Use the VALIDATE feature in Acronis True Image.

    There are other methods of backing up.

    1) Backup to a secondary hard drive using Acronis TI (or Windows 7 Image backup)
    2) obtain hard drive diagnostic software and check it (not sure if it's 100% reliable)
    3) RMA your hard drive if it's faulty (Western Digital has an option to send the drive immediately before you send yours)
    4) RESTORE the backup or CLONE to a new hard drive

    1) run MEMTEST for a couple hours (memtest.org I think)
    2) your software may be corrupt. if so, carefully plan how to reinstall Windows (backup e-mail, data, passwords etc, install Windows, install main chipset driver from website for motherboard, then other motherboard drivers, then remaining driver like video drivers, then Microsoft Updates)

    Backing up:
    Make periodic backups (at least once per month). For $50 you can get the full version of Acronis which can update a backup of your system's software as little as once every 5-minutes. I have mine set to daily backups. These backups go to my second desktop drive (2TB WD hard drive). In the future if your system gets a major virus, other software issues or simply fails you can easily RESTORE everything.

    Make three backups:
    1) make the first backup after all your drivers and Microsoft Updates are finished AND you have Activated Windows (you never want to RESTORE an Unactivated copy of Windows because it then requires you now Activate again and there's a limited number of Activations per copy. OEM copies have three Activations I think.)

    2) Always keep that first backup and make a second one once all your software is on.

    3) Make a third backup every month (unless you automate it more frequently)

    *It's really worth the extra money to buy Acronis and set things to automatically backup to a secondary hard drive.

    Good luck. I hope this helps.
  4. I should add that I keep a spare older hard drive so I can immediately RESTORE in the event of hard drive failure so I don't need to wait for a hard drive return. It also helps in troubleshooting if the hard drive is the problem.
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