Best Budget ($75 or less??) Graphics for SandyBridge

I am expecting to get a SB i7 2600k. I would like ability to OC with multiplier. I am NOT a some PS3 and Wii with the kids but not on PC.

I was all set to buy H67 mobo to use the new integrated graphics that SB offers. But it appears that the H67 boards may require tradeoffs (no CPU overclock? choice of only microATX with some functions, etc). Also Jaquith mentioned on another post that by definition, using the IG of SB will tax the overall system.

Therefore I'm now thinking I should just get a cheap video card which will allow me to use the P67 mobos which seem to be more featured. Unless someone points out a reason why I should go H67.

So in that case, what is the cheapest (or best value in the lower price range) GPU I should get that will be similar to the SB graphics I would get on H67. Again, NOT a gamer. I would like to have ability to edit AVCHD video in the future although I dont own an HD camcorder yet, just a normal one. Not sure how important is the GPU for this anyway.

The trusty Tom's monthly article cites

Radeon 4650
Radeon 5550
Radeon 5670

I'm thinking the 5670 is the highest I'd need to go, but for a non gamer is there much difference between the 4650, 5550, 5670 for web surfing, MS office, light photoshopping and video editing? I have funds available so I don't need to skimp on every dollar but I don't really want to pay more than I need to to get "graphics". Again, this is all because it appears that going with SB H67 chipset might be limiting the overall system performance vs P67 chipset.
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  1. Which do you honestly prefer ATI or Nvidia, I wouldn't settle for any thing less than a 5670 on the red side and a GT430 on the green side. Both are very economical when it comes to power and operating cost. I have done a lot of researching lately while looking for a cheap card to compliment my gtx 460. Both will go far when it comes to some tasks but the nvidia solutions can be used for their cuda support such as the Mercury playback engine in cs5. There are plugins for other apps as well.
  2. As a non-gamer, I'm wondering if I can get by with even a GT240. I want to make sure I'm "futureproofed" for HD video editing/AVCHD although I believe that is more a CPU issue. I'm not likely to decide to play big games on my PC so I don't want to "waste" hundreds on a video card with 1000s of shaders or whatever if I don't really need it. Plus I like the fact that 240 or 5670 don't need extra power plug. I want to spend the least possible that will not hang me up at all on any video editing or playback, that's all. Now if it turns out that its 50 bucks for a weakling card and $70 for a much better then I would spring for the better one "just because"
  3. Also - does anyone know what level the SB integrated graphics is at compared to current video cards? By that I mean, I think the SB has 12 "EU" which I read somewhere is the equivalent to shader units, but maybe that's not correct as that seems small (5670 has 400 I think).

    Is SB IG better than a GT240? Worse? Much worse? Just wondering so I can get it straight in my mind.
    The SB IG will be around 5450 level or a bit above in this chart. I suggest you to go with either the GT 430 (DX11) or a more powerful GT 240 (DX10.1)
    SB IG will be worse than GT 240.
  5. Save 100 dollars and get the 2500K, which should still be enough for your needs.
  6. 2600K has Hyper-Threading which helps photo and video editting a lot (It will do the same work in a shorter period of time). Well, if you only edit from time to time. then yes, go for 2500K.
  7. Few programs are able to make good use of HT, and unless you use the PC mostly for video editing, there is no sense in spending 100 dollars more for it.
  8. Tamz_msc said:
    Few programs are able to make good use of HT, and unless you use the PC mostly for video editing, there is no sense in spending 100 dollars more for it.

    Yeah that was my initial thought....but I generally keep a PC for at least 4 yrs so then I was thinking "its only $100" and what if more stuff can use HT over time. Plus, someone else posted that they thought the extra 2mb of cache could add to performance.

    I'll check the benches when they come out (hopefully soon!) and see if 2600K gives any real-world advantage.

    I am a casual video editor, but its from time to time like you said. Hard for me to honestly say that an extra 2 minutes and 12 seconds on a transcoding job on a 2500k vs 2600k is going to kill me..... the other way to look at is is why pay 50% more to get HT, and/or why add $100 to the price of a build which I expect to be in the $800 range just to get HT.

    I guess it will depend on the benches and how "rich" I feel at the moment I place the order.
  9. tigrc said:,review-32078-7.html
    The SB IG will be around 5450 level or a bit above in this chart. I suggest you to go with either the GT 430 (DX11) or a more powerful GT 240 (DX10.1)
    SB IG will be worse than GT 240.

    Wow you're good! I am just now reading the Anandtech full SB review that was posted just a few mins ago.....I'm salivating BTW.....

    anyway on the graphics benchmarks the Intel is around the same as a 5450, while a 5570 kicks its arse in all cases by a wide margin.

    I think even though I'm not a gamer, I will spring for a GT240 or maybe a 5570 or 5670 which will allow me to use a P67 mobo, then I dont have to worry about compromises on an H67.

    But I'm still reading. Damn need to get to bed too.....its a long review but its a good one. Looks like awesome OC potential on air.
  10. Maybe that extra 100$ will make you change your mind about PC gaming. :)
  11. Yeah its not money its time unfortunately......I'm no longer a twentysomething.....wife and a few kids and I find that my gaming has now migrated to the Wii platform with my 6yr old. I've got a PS3 too but hardly ever take the time to get into anything seriously on it. I still have an unopened copy of Drakes Fortune that I received as a gift last Xmas.
  12. Good luck with your purchase :) Happy new year!
  13. I would get a 5570 personally. I have one, and it will handle everything you need it to do, for a pretty cheap price point.

    It's $69 on NewEgg right now (Sapphire)
  14. Does the manufacturer of the card make a difference? ie Sapphire, HIS, etc etc. This is my first build and I've never really researched cards before...I always just had whatever Dell decided to give me.
  15. Sapphire is typically the default of choice for by most ATI buyers.
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