Help me pick out a new Gpu please

Hello all! I am here today because I am stumped on which graphic card I should purchase around the $250-$300 Canadian range from or I am in a toss up between the gtx 560 ti and the ati 6950, which will mainly be used on the new game RIFT.

My current setup is as follows:

Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
Phenom II x4 955 BE
Asus m4a79xtd evo mobo
4gbs g.skill ripjaws
500gb hdd
ati 4850
and a 24" Synaps LCD


1-So my issue is which card do you guys will perform better on RIFT given my system specs? Rift is a new game and I have heard issues on the forums with drivers and that game, and people tend to get low frames with some of the 6xxx series cards.

2-Also Which card runs hotter/louder on stock? That is really a nuisance for me too.

3- If i choose to go with the gtx 560 TI since I have never had an nvidia card and am curious with the performance of them. Can I later down the road SLI it on the asus amd chipset mobo or does that only work with ati cards? (sry nube question)

Thanks guys, awaiting some feedback :kaola:
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  1. #1 Speed in RIFT - that's a bit of a challenge to figure out because benchmarks are usually available only for very popular games that have been around a while.
    shows the 6950 doing slightly better than the GTX 560 in Crysis at 1920x1200.
    But then the GTX 560 wins in FarCry.

    My guess is that those two cards will be very hard to distinguish in your game anyway.

    #2 The GTX 560 is quieter:
    and runs cooler:

    #3 that MB supports 2 ATI cards in Crossfire.

    If you decide to do Crossfire with two 6950 cards make sure first that your power supply can handle two GPUs. It needs 4 PCI-E 6-pin connectors (2 for each card). It also needs at least 500W for a system with a single card, according to XFX or Visiontek who make such cards. I couldn't find a number for two cards, but I'm thinking 750W should be fine. Something like Corsair 750TX, for example, would be all right.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply and the read. This def clears some things up. I like how you mention that the 560's run quieter and cooler.

    My next question I guess is if i chose to xfire say a 6950 could i do it with a 7xxx series or a 5xxx series card asw ell or does it have to be 2x 6950's?

    My big concern with the 6900 cards is that on the Rift forums people have been having issues with low frames with these cards regardless how good they are, while nvidia users don't seem to have as much of an issue. Then again, if i get a 560 i cant sli it on that mobo down the road. So I'm still unsure of what to do?

    Also one more thing, would you happen to know how hot and loud the 6950s run compared to the 4850's which were HELL on both heat and noise.

    And if I were to pick a brand for each card, I know the MSI 560 ti twin frozr is great I have heard, which brand would be best for the 6950?

    Thanks again !
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