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After years of being able to easily record stereo sound wav files on my computer I read that it is not permitted with windows 7 as there is no ability to record an individual left and right channel; only a "stereo mix" one. How can this be? I have deteriorating vinyl, CDs and 10 inch reel to reel tapes which I need to transfer to data files.
I also need to buy a new computer.

In short what computer / card / software do I buy that has a stereo line in and stereo line out so I can record, store, and then play my music in stereo? Is this available in a laptop? I've used cakewalk and sony software in the past with no problems. HELP!
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  1. All the hardware will have stereo line in, if not stereo mic as well. All computer hardware has stereo line out. You can probably use that software you used in the past if it is compatible with Win7: just select Line In as the recording source.
  2. Thanks forthe response. The reason I ask is about 2 years ago I bought a high end laptop by Toshiba which had a stereo line out but the only input was a mono mike jack. I bought a behringer UCA202 accessory that allowed me to input audio directly through the USB ports but even it would only record in mono. I sold the computer on E bay at a loss. I need to be sure this wont happen again. I depend completely on the sales personell to tell me what the computer can and cant do (I know really dumb) so I am asking here first.
  3. True, some laptops won't have the line in (which I think you would find is stereo). But pretty much any desktop, or laptop with line in, would be fine.
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