PSU recommendation for a Sapphire Radeon 5670 hd 1gb

Hi there,

I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction for what kind of psu I should get for this graphics card:

My current psu came with my HP pc and is only 300w so i'm looking to upgrade so I can run the new graphics card safely when I get it. I've read about products like Corsair psu's being one of the best ranges but i'm wondering if anyone here can give me more advice on that and what power supply I should get. My budget is around £50-60 max really.

My pc is quad core, 2.4ghz, 2gb ram, vista 32 bit.

Also I've only just bought the graphics card so if you recommend sending it back this is still an option! lol

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  1. You don't need to upgrade your PSU to use that card.
  2. If your HP 300 Watt OEM power supply is one has a +12 Volt current rating of 19 Amps it should be able to power your system with a single Radeon HD 5670 (Maximum Graphics Card Power: 64 Watts) graphics card.
  3. Like ko888 said, you should be good. If you had one of the more anemic OEM PSUs, you could replace it with a 380W Antec Earthwatts or 400W-430W Corsair "Builder" series, but you shouldn't have to.
  4. So many words to say "it'll work."
  5. An opinion with nothing to back it up isn't worth much on these forums.
  6. While the power draw of the 6670 might not be massive and your psu should be rated high enough for it's use as it was listed earlier. With the quad code CPU and everything else in the machine you are probably running quite high on the wattage of the 300w psu, so for the longevity of your system and the current PSU I would indeed recommend getting a slightly beefier one.

    I have a eMachines T5224 that just blew it's 300w while being used with a 4650 DDR3, it was sufficient to run things but eventually just ended up being too much to handle.

    Unfortunately the good gaming PSU's tend to start at around 80 quid, however such things as:

    OCZ 500W Psu

    OCZ 600W Psu

    Are within your pricerange and are partly modular.

    The previously mentioned Antec EarthWatts series is a decent choice too at that price range.

    Antec EarthWatts 430W

    And you might also consider:

    Antec Gamer 400W
  7. Thank you for the replies everyone you are very helpful! I cancelled my graphics card and ordered the 512mb model instead as really I was a bit stupid to order the 1gb model. Read some more reviews and the 512mb model performs just as well in many instances, and its £25 cheaper.... lol.

    Its good to know it will run on my current psu for the time being, which has a 12+ volt current rating of 19amps like you say Ko888, but I think I will get a new one now with the saved money as a precaution so i'll look into the OCZ and Antec ranges you guys have recommended.

    Thanks again!
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