3D and Hz and nvidia 3D vision

i heard that 3D splits the image in 2 which divides the frames per second in half, if i get a 60Hz display and try 3D on it it would display images at 30 FPS each right? i dont think that could be laggy, will it work? lol


i bought a sony bravia 120Hz HDTV will 3D work? IF i activate motionflow! which can be activated when a HDMI device is plugged in. (PC to TV)(nvidia 3D vision)
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  1. 3D on NVIDIA works with 120 Hz displays only. I think that it will work on your TV.
  2. If the TV is not on NVidia's 3D Vision supported list (and very few are), I wouldn't bet on it.

    First of all, most if not all >60Hz TVs still only accept 60Hz inputs, the extra "Hz" are actually interpolation images created by the TV itself to make movement smoother. So if you manage to make it work it would mostly be 30Hz per eye. Moreover Motionflow might actually hinder the 3D as Nvidia solution works by interleaving "right/left eye images" and Motionflow might try to interpolate the two images for "smoother" motion (the way it usually work since it's aware that what is being sent is 3D content).

    To really have 3D from a PC to a TV, I think the only "viable" NVidia solution is 3DTV Play which requires an actual 3D TV.
  3. Regarding the HDTV, it must be a 3D capable / ready 120Hz HDTV that is certified by nVidia.

    A normal 120Hz HDTV will not work since it only takes one 60Hz input and the "120Hz" refers to internal video processing to smooth video playback.
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