Sold my 460, need a replacement card.

First of all, Happy New Years to all!

I sold my GTX 460 1GB OEM today and I'll be needing a replacement card.
My motherboard is an MSI 890GXM-G65 so it supports crossfire.

Will AMD or Nvidia be releasing any new cards that would drop prices anytime soon? (Not sure when the gtx 560 will be out)

If I do wait to buy a card, which one should it be? I'm looking for a little bit more performance than my 460 had, but wouldn't mind doing a Crossfire to get the performance boost. (ex. cf 5750)

Should I get a card to hold me over for now, or isn't there one worth the wait in the near future?
I was considering 6850's, but 5850's look like the better buy by a long shot at the moment.

CPU - Athlon II x4 630 @ 3.65ghz
Ram - 2x2 GB Samsung @ 1333mhz (will soon raise to +1600)
PSU - Silverstone Zeus 650 Watt cont. power supply. (it has 5 x 6pin adapters, but I can do a dual psu setup with my rocketfish 500; 2x8pin)

Thanks for reading,

- Matt
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    What will you use your Card for? And what is your monitor resolution?
    For games I recommend HD 6950 and unlock it to HD 6970.
  2. Card will be used mostly for gaming @ 1920x1080.

    I'd be really sad if my 6950 didn't unlock. lol
  3. The unlocking appears to be nearly 100% successful. If for some reason it didn't unlock it's not a bad choice anyway. If you can afford it it is what I would recommend considering you are looking for an upgrade from the GTX 460 and your motherboard is crossfire capable
  4. As of right now, I don't want to spend more than $450 for a graphics card(s).
    So I'd be better off picking up the 6950 now rather than later?
  5. Supposedly they are redesigning the PCB of the card in the not too distant future. This may or may not be accompanied by making it so the cards cannot unlock into an HD6970 so you might want to get one now.
  6. This would be the best card for the price?

    I'm not going to use 3-D or eyefinity.
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