Need a new monitor 24" 1920x1200

At last got my paycheck! :)

So about to buy a new computer (waiting for Sandybridge) and need a new monitor to come along :)

Price range 450$-700$ monitor. Must be 24" and I prefer 1920x1200 Native resolution

For now I checked only Dell UltraSharpTM U2410, heard good stuff about it but a lot of people complain about some greenish/pink tint on the sides.

The monitor will be mostly for gaming and movies with some light/medium photo editing and maybe some graphics that's why a regular 200$ monitor won't do.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. For that budget I would be looking into monitors with 3d capabilities. I know Alienware/Dell has one and since its designed for gaming I think it would fit (only 23 inches though)
  2. The Dell is an IPS monitor which is why it garners the price tag that makes it twice what you see on typical TN panel monitors. It's an outstanding monitor. My son, a photography student and avid gamer, uses one.
  3. I would go with the U2410 and the problems they had were when they first came out but their fine now I have had mine a year and I think it is the 4x4 of monitors and it come calibrated in the sRGB mode .
  4. I try to find the revision versions and the difference between them for U2410 but can't seem to find complete info for them.

    Can I update the firmware for this monitor to the newest revision?
    Please anyone?
  5. You can't update any firmware. You must send it back to Dell but the problem existed in the pre-calibration profiles not the monitor itself.

    You won't have any color tinting issues if you calibrate the monitor properly with a colorimeter.

    This is only the original revision, there has been a few revisions since then. There was one to address high input lag for gaming mode too.

    If you buy directly from Dell, you are going to get the newest revision.
  6. Thanks, and what about the difference in the revisions?
    Anything noticeable?
  7. Ya I had the original and it was a little funky sent it back when the new revision
    came out and it seems as fast as any TN panel I have ever owned plus if you need to send it back they send you one first and you put the old one back in to the box.
  8. As I live in Israel it's a bit of a hustle :)

    I will try to go and check the monitor in some stores.
    Thanks for your help
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