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Hey folks. I am using a 1.5 Mb/s dsl line to connect to the internet. My dl speed is good enough, it averages ~ 165 KB/s downlaoding random files.A test at (I am using sprint dsl) says I am getting 1.45 Mbps. PC Pitstop says 600Kbps (that's likely closer to right on loading web pages. says 1280 Kbps. I haven't found a place on THG that measures dl speed. However web pages are painfully slow to load. They used to load in a snap. Now it takes a couple of seconds just to find the page to load and 7-10 seconds to load it or more. I use the Firefox web browser but IE has the same problem. I've tried checking the obvious, spyware, virus ect.. but found nothing. I don't know of any program recently installed that would change settings MTU etc.. I don't know where these sttings are at in winxp anyway. I can't find anywhere that spells out exactly where they are in the registry.
As a note: I am using winxp ICS. I am also on the internet connected box. I know a lot of people don't like win ics but winxp ics is vastly superior then win 98 se.
amd athlon xp 1700+
ecs k7s5a mobo
WD 40 gb hdd
onboard eithernet fast nic
sprint dsl 1.5Mbps internet connection
Thanks for the help

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  1. I'd say firefox is causing the slowness in firefox, that is why I have stuck with IE. But your IE going slow too is strange, is it fully updated? The newest version of IE has built in popup blocking and activx control, it is pretty nice. I added a filtering linux proxy to my network and it takes care of all the banner adds.

    You might want to try removing ics just to test if that is it. I know the newer version is much better but it is definatly not a perfect thing :)

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  2. Thanks for the suggestion
    AS for my internet connection goes, hours on the phone with sprint allowing them to have me do pretty much what they wanted has determined that the problem is at their end they say.I am on hold for 24-48 until they get back to me. This is like the 5th try with them though so who knows?
    Winxp sp2 installs the latest IE version with the popup blocking and stuff. It is also updated as far as one can do it. It is so full of holes though it's sad. With 2 of the boxes on my network being used by my wife and kids I have enough of a security threat. I don't want to have to worry about IE. Firefox is much more secure and has always been faster for me than IE. I have also found it to be much more stable than IE. This is not the proper forum for a review so I'll stop there. I'll try and disable ICS. It has worked for so long I just haven't considered it. I know the win 98se ics could bring the whole thing to a crawl when it messed up. Even the internet connected box. At the moment though I am on some kind of temporary connection thing from sprint, they say it has to be that way for them to do all the diagnostic stuff on my line. It is described by winxp to be a WAN Miniport (PPPoE) I have know idea. I'll likely have to reformatt before this is all over.

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