Linksys wrt54gl connection problems with powerline adapters


I have both Belkin Powerline Adapters 2x(Homeplug AV) and Netgear XAV2001 x1 goes upto 200 Mbps. Before I bought the Netgear P.L. adapter, it between Belkin Adapters, it was working fine. As soon as I both also Netgear, unfortunately, very instable. One of the Belkin adapter is connected to my Linksys WG54L Wireless router and the other 2 (Belkin and Netgear are in other room the same floor and in the other room upstair.
Another thing that happened that I put Ethernet Hubs in other rooms so that I conencted both Belking and Netgear P.L. adapters. Would that aslo cause any problems.

Every day I have stability problems (no IP address received by my Ps3 upstairs -connected to Netgear P.L. adapter also Netgear Ethernet Hub) also downstairs in teh other room via other Belkin with Linksys Etyhernet Hub to my W.D. Live TV Media Player --no Ip address message every other day.

Any ideas? Would there be any promlems due to the hubs between end devices and the P.L. adapters in teh other rooms or different phases issues? Or should I fix the IP address instead of using the DHCP from my wirless router towards all the conencted devices?

Thanks for any help..

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  1. Boy, these devices are a menace. I've tried two brands, Netgear and another I'd never heard of and which I'm happy to forget. The latter caused interference on audio equipment and were tragically slow when they decided to connect, which wasn't often. The Netgear units would not connect if anything else was plugged into the same double sockets.

    Wireless is simpler.
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