New Build- Finishing Questions

I just finished building my new rig and everything went quite well (which is good since it's my first time building). However, I do have a few follow up questions.

1. I felt that I had a more difficult time mounting the motherboard that expected. I mounted all of the standoffs correctly, but one seemed a little tougher to screw in. I did get it screwed in, but maybe not as well as the rest of them. It didn't effect the motherboard as I got that screwed down to the standoffs just fine (the MB doesn't seem uneven). I take it that's not that big of a deal, right?

2. The case fans are plugged into the motherboard (SYSFAN ports 1,2, and 3). Is that better/worse than having them plugged into the PSU or does it not really matter?

I can get a little paranoid with stuff like this and want a second opinion. Thanks!

i7 2600K
CM 690II Advanced
MSI GTX460 Hawk
650W PSU (Corsair)
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  1. 1) probably not, you'll be fine.
    2) whatever you want. I dont really care for controlling mine so i just have then directly plugged into the psu.
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