GPU experiences slow down after some time.

Hi guys, I have a problem with my GPU and it has happened a few times already.

My GPU is a HD 5770, now what I find weird is that when I play a game like borderlands, dirt, starcraft etc..., they all pretty much run buttery smooth, but when after some time the fps cut in half. So I thought that it was probably just bugged, so I restarted the computer and everything ran fine again.

Then of course it happened again when I left the computer on for a day.

For example, the menu screen for borderlands runs at a constant 60 fps, but when the GPU slows down, the fps goes down to 30. The same happens for every other game.

My drivers are updated, so could this be a driver problem or a hardware problem?
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  1. If the card gets too hot it will down-clock itself.
    Are you monitoring the temperatures?
  2. Same applies to the CPU!
  3. Alright so I've just done a gaming session and the max temp of my GPU under load is around 75C, CPU under load is around 52C.

    At idle, my GPU runs around 45C and my CPU around 35C
  4. The temps look fine.
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