Can the P5S800-VM support dual core processors with a BIOS update ?

Hi, i have a computer that i am trying to build up to upgrade from the one im using, i was just wondering if the ASUS P5S800-VM ca support dual core processors with a BIOS update as it would save me alot of time and money if it could.
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  1. Your board won't run any dual core cpus. Heres a cheap upgrade for you: This board uses ddr ram and will run some older core2 duo cpus, but doesn't come with a backplate. You can order a backplate from asrock america for about $5. Select "cpu support" at the bottom of the page for a list of cpus you can use. This board has free shipping, but no onboard video. It is a full size atx board, so be sure your case can handle it.
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