Gtx 460 on a dell 7100

Hello,Can you put a gtx 460 on a dell xps 7100 in the place of a radeon hd 5450. Do you have to change anything in the computer other than the graphics card.
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  1. Having a 460watt PSU it should work. Just remember to uninstall the ATI (AMD) card before installing the Nvidia
  2. I would expect a Dell 460w PSU to have the 2 6-pin power connectors required for the GTX 460, but you might want to confirm that.
  3. what is the 7100s power supply called?
  4. mjmjpfaff said:
    what is the 7100s power supply called?

    That is what we are asking you - the make and model number. You may need to open the case and look at the power supply inside. It is located at the top back of the case. It should have a label showing with the name and details about the power provided.
  5. it only has one 6 pin connector, i guess ill just have to get an adapter or get a new psu since the one it comes with is terrible. Here is the psu I was thinking of:
  6. Very good choice of PSU.
  7. As well good the Antec has though 4 PCIe power connectors and the Corsair only 2 which of course is enough for what you are doing now.
  8. o.k guess ill go with the cheaper one (if i get some money)
  9. I bought a GTX 460 at xmas.
    MY 550w PSU did not give enough amps to the motherboard to run the graphics problem was the card would not power up and I got no signal to the monitor.

    I have just bought and installed a 620w PSU..installed the card and everthing works fine.
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