Installed ram, pc black screen [Solved]

So I had 2x2gb pc3 10600 ram sticks in my sager np5170 laptop.

I decided to purchase 2x4gb pc3 10666 ram sticks.

After I installed the ram, the pc wont boot, the screen stays black and my HDD light only flickers
on for a few seconds. My gpu and wifi light stay orange as well as my hotswap button (when my pc is normally functioning, an orange gpu light means its using my nvidia chip)

I swapped out the RAM back to my old ram but no dice.
Every once and awhile the laptop with boot for a second and then just shut down.

It's running an i7 core @ 2ghz, nvidia gt 540m 1gb.

2 ram slots, I swapped them out in pairs and also tried. One of each chips in both slots to see if the slots were bad. Aghh.
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    I would wonder if there is a way to clear cmos like you have on a desktop. What you can try is remove the battery and wait a few and then put it back in and see if that makes a difference.
  2. I'll have to try that. So by removing the cmos battery, what will that reset? (curious in case a friend has a similar problem in the future)
  3. By removing the cmos battery you are doing a reset of the bios and sometimes that helps with the clearing of settings so you can start over so to speak and since you had a different ram in there maybe the bios got confused and a reset might help. If you could get to go into the bios you could do a reset there but sometimes when the computer won't even boot this is the only option unless you had a clear cmos button , which some motherboards have.
  4. Clearing the Cmos should not make a difference. Sounds like you knocked something loose. If it was just RAM compatablity, the old RAM would have set thing right. Check to see if you were near the CPU heat sink. Overheat will shut the system down. Otherwise look for loose connections like ribbon wires. Gentle flexing of the system board may help a bad connection as well.
  5. Yeah I don't have the CMOS jumper but that makes sense.
    After resetting, should I leave my new demon possessed ram in or put in my default ram sticks?
  6. I unscrewed and re screwed i my heatsink over the cpu to ensure it was nice and sturdy. I guess the hunt begins.

    Is there a chance I could have shorted or shocked my board into oblivion (static electricity seeing as I don't have a grounding bracelet.
  7. try the 2s alone and the 4s alone and see if they work then try adding them together in the order 2 4 2 4 or 4 2 4 2
  8. I would put in the new ram since you don't want to have the same thing happen again and you do want the laptop to use the new ram. You are sure that you laptop is compatable with the new ram that you bought?
  9. h3sham said:
    try the 2s alone and the 4s alone and see if they work then try adding them together in the order 2 4 2 4 or 4 2 4 2

    This is a laptop and it only has two ram slots.
  10. oh yea i missed the M at the end of the vidcard name and the laptop line my bad lol forget what i said xD
  11. Ha its cool :).

    I read the ram is compatible, but only recommended in conjunction with i7 processors.
  12. Well you have an i7 cpu so it should work. Any luck yet with getting it working?
  13. Resetting the CMOS battery worked! Yanked the thing out, stuck it back in and waited 10 minutes.

    You sir are a gentlemen and a scholar and I thank all of you who replied as well :D.
  14. You are welcome.
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