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My son has a gateway that is a couple of yeas old that has this video card installed.

The monitor that came with it died this christmas and the new one I bought him runs in 1900 x 1200. The problem is it has made his world of warcraft game almost unplayable (slow and clunky video).

I have done some reading here and see the power supply is an issue for upgrading. The current card has no powersupply cable hooked to it, but there is ONE available.

What is a decent card that will fit in his system that will allow him to play wow again?

not budget constrained as much as computer constrained, so looking for the best card for the money that will work.

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  1. Not knowing the size of the PSU limits the choices this GT240 is as powerful as it gets for a small PSU and is a big upgrade from 8500gt another option HD5670
    Then there is this GTS450 which I would recommend if the PSU can handle it another option HD5750
  2. rolli I went and looked its a 400W ps

    which one of the above will work best with that?

  3. If this is the PSU they should all work. I will like to add this HD5770 card to the list though, because it is better than the others
    In performance order then from best down HD5770, GTS450, HD5750, HD5670 and GT240 If there are space constraints then the lower the power the more compact the card is.
    For ease of installation then another Nvidia card will run on the same drivers as the 8500GT although a driver update would be needed.
  4. thanks I do appreciate it

    I purchased the 450 after reading that the newer one required a 450w ps.

    Maybe it really didnt and it was fine, but the 450 has to be a huge upgrade for him and at least it was listed to work with a 400 w

    You just made a 12 year old happy (and gave me a job to install a video card)
  5. Yes the GTS450 is a massive upgrade and I believe he is going to be very happy!
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