Computer is making grinding noise when running a particular app

I just bought a new PC and I noticed that when I run the specific game ( Silkroad Online ) my PC is making weird noise like a grinding, supposedly it is processor's fan. The strange thing is when I minimize the game ( not closing it) the sound disappears.
When I play Crysis 2 for example everything is fine even though its requirements are much higher than the one that makes troubles.
The noise isnt loud at all but its annoying..Does anyone know what can it be? And is it harmful?

My PC config:
Processor: Intel i7-2600K Sandybridge Socket 1155 CPU-Retail
MOBO: Asus Sabertooth P67 V3 Socket 1155 Sandybridge Intel P67 ATX Intel Motherboard
Case: Coolermaster RC-692-KKn3 CM 692
Cooler: Corsair Hydro H70 CPU Cooler
Memory: Corsair 16GB 1600MHZ 4x4GB DDR3
SSD 128GB Kingston
Video: Asus GTX 580, 40nm, 4008MHz 1536MB GDDR5, GPU 772MHz, Shader 1544MHz, 512 cores

Thanks in advance!
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  1. C'mon folks, I know the question is stupid but is it normal?
  2. Run HW Monitor and see if anything gets hotter in Silk road than while playing Crysis.
  3. EDIT
    Worked now. I'll check the temp and post once its done.
  4. "Grinding Noise" isn't a great diagnosis. If you can maybe record the sound...?

    Could be your H70 is broken.
  5. Its not as loud to record it and recognize the sound on audoclip.
    Ok when I got the PC it had air bags inside the case to prevent from damage while delivery and there was not any notice about it and the case isnt transparent so I didn't see that. I have never heard they put those bags into the case. I turned it on with the bags in and noticed it when the monitor turned off and the PC was not responding at all. It overheated obviously. After it I opened the case and saw those bags. Once it got cool computer started working normally I just hear that noise when I run some application. Maybe its normal thing, I cant understand :( I know I am stupid ( about the bags)
  6. Open it up and listen very closely to the noise, where is it coming from? Using the cardboard cylinder out of a paper towel roll works great for this. It might just be the normal sound the pump makes, although it shouldn't sound like a grind.
  7. Eww I tried but its really hard to recognize! Its either cooler or video card. But I still dont get why does the noise disappear when I just minimize it. A simple alt tab!
    And I cant really say if it is a grinding noise. Something like a buzz maybe.
  8. hey i know what ur taking about...even i get that funny sound, its something like gentle sandpapering going on, lil grinding with whistling kinda sound....can't exactly locate it...but i very strongly think its the cpu happens under strange instances,say like while scrolling a webpage while playin online games, or if i use realtemp's clock modulation and set it to 5/8.... it just doesn't make sense, its like it happens when the cpu is under half load or somethin.....i got an e8400, stock speed, stock cooler.
  9. It could be an issue related to that game and your sound card. When you minimize it, the game becomes a background task. Since you are using the onboard audio, its all processed through the CPU and when a task is in the background, it tends to not keep the same level of importance.

    I would try updating the sound card drivers more than anything. I have played Silkroad before and its not demanding at all. If it did it in every game, I would assume other hardware but since its one game it could be the game or sound drivers.

    Much like a GPU, the drivers sometime need to be updated to run a game properly.
  10. Ok I just ignore that sound now. But here is another problem and AGAIN with silkroad.
    Well not just Silkroad though..Yesterday I was playing Call of Duty Black Ops and my PC just freezed, no buttons worked, nothing. The screen simply paused. I had to restart my PC. That's already a problem.
    And what I experience now in Silkroad when I log in, that happened after that COD crash ( check the video ) :
    This is the video of normal login session -
    This is how it is now-
    When the black screen remains for a couple of seconds that "weird" sound disappears by the way.

    And now when I launched COD it says "Your computer appears to have changed since the last time you ran the CoD"...
  11. Delete everything, reformat, and reinstall OS lol...

    But yeah, it's definitely being wierd. Where did you buy this PC?
  12. From a decent store, in London. I didn't buy it online or something.
    Is it possible that the problems' cause is the running PC with those bags inside? It just overheated.
    I will just wait a bit more, if those odd things continue I'll format PC. At last i'll just bring it to the store and ask them to troubleshoot and fix it..
  13. Well there should be a warranty on it right? I don't know that overheating it would have permanently damaged it because they have fail safes that shut it down when overheating so that it doesn't break.
  14. Yeah I bought it just a week ago. 1 year warranty it had. It's just a bit problem to take the PC to the store, in sense of delivery. Not the nicest thing to do.
    I dont think the heating damaged something, because as you said it just shut down and wasnt recognizing monitor even.
    PC works very well in general, just those breaks in Silkroad login session and that yesterday freezing while playing COD.
    And earlier I had a couple of memory dumps too. I'll just wait a bit more then reinstall windows if it pisses me off too much.
  15. Well you can always run a bunch of different tests. Intel Burn Test and Prime95 for CPU and memory, and Memtest86+ for just memory, and FurMark as well as some benchmark software for GPUs.

    Also, just throwing it out there, but if the PC came with any preinstalled software (aka bloatware) you can and probably should delete it. Also if you've been doing a lot of installations and moving stuff around, a disk defragementation can help a lot sometimes. I like using Auslogics Disk Defrag, it's free, and you can run a defrag+optimize that will move files to faster parts of the drive.
  16. Cheers for suggestions, I used memtest a ccouple of days ago, like 110% and no errors found, Intel Burn test is OK too:
    Stress Level: Maximum (10225 MB)
    Testing started on 08/06/2011 20:35:42
    Time (s) Speed (GFlops) Result
    [20:45:04] 451.145 69.2322 3.004749e-002
    [20:54:26] 433.581 72.0368 3.004749e-002
    [21:03:24] 430.327 72.5816 3.004749e-002
    [21:13:08] 472.932 66.0429 3.004749e-002
    [21:26:19] 494.127 63.2100 3.004749e-002
    Testing ended on 08/06/2011 21:26:20
    Test Result: Success.

    Not sure how to use FurMark though. I did Stability test for 20 minutes, last 15 min videocard was at 81-83C. I dont know what other things I should check.
    Benchmarking I did with Xtreme burning Mode and scored : SCORE:2907 points (60000 ms) - Options: XB , no idea what is it. However, I was running lots of application when I did the test.

    I just noticed that its not only Silkroad login session. For example sometimes when I close msn chat window the processor makes a break for like 3 seconds, program stops responding then it works again and shuts the window.
  17. Oh GOD I formatted my PC and reinstalled windows. Still the same issue :( PC is running pretty fast and stuff. Just some programs start to not responding for a while. Like that Silkroad. When the black screen remains it just doesnt "Doesn't respond". Same happens with browser and some other applications like MSN. But doesnt last long.
  18. To me this is sounding more and more like a GPU related problem. Or could be the PSU. I'm no expert but have build a few PC's

    Like on a PC the thing would do something like this:-
    CPU increase from 800mhz to 2.8 > Therefore more power needed > PSU give the PC More power > PC goes back into idle > CPU drops to 800mhz > PSU drops it's input.

    That sounds logical I thing So maybe when your GPU needs more power the PSU can't give it so it freezes and gives you a black screen. I could be wrong and I probably am just trying to help :)
  19. The problem is in that programs are "Not Responding" but it gets normal pretty quick, 2-7 sec usually.
  20. hey guess what, my psu blew, and i replaced it....and now the sound is gone:-)
  21. I think majorgibly should be selected as Best Answer for saying it was the PSU
    it is the nice thing to do :)
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