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Hi all,

I have a Silverstone Fortress FT02B-W case and my study gets dusty quickly. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to reduce the amount of dust getting inside the case?


Thank you in advance for your help! :)
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  1. I have had allot of pricey silver-stone case's like that one it should have built in dust filters.
  2. Dust filters on the intakes and a positive case pressure would do the trick. Positive case pressure is achieved by having more (and/or faster) intake fans than exhaust.
  3. Well it says it has:

    1 x 120mm exhaust top fan
    3 x 180mm intake bottom fans

    That seems to be positive flow to me. I'll have a look around for dust filters in the case.

    Thanks guys!
  4. some dust will always get through the filters. If the filter is too restrictive you will get poor airflow. So you cant "dust proof" unless its sealed with no fans, but you can minimise dust.
  5. Clean out the room, maybe. If the intake fans are on the bottom, keep the floor clean.
  6. Well, I'm in the basement so keeping all the dust out of the room is hard.

    What about pantyhose over the intake fan or a ionizer thing in the room to zap the dust (do those negatiely affect electronics)?
  7. So, does that mean it doesn't have dust filters? If it doesn't, you can just go buy some at a store instead of using your mom's pantyhose lol.

    Anyway, once you have dust filters, even if it's a dusty room just use compressed air to clean them off every few weeks, to keep airflow up (dust will plug it up, reducing air flow). Also if you can, keep the PC on a table instead of the floor.
  8. Keep it off the floor, positive air pressure and compressed air every now and again is about the best you can do.

    I knew someone once who set up a fancy air intake system using hoover tubes that drew air in from an air filtration machine, so no dust could get drawn from inside his room. From the little I remember, it worked well but cost a lot, and made his room cold! :P If you're innovative and have money to burn you could experiment with something like this, but you need to find some way to make sure there's enough air coming in to cool the system (because there'd be a reduced intake, you'd need to compensate by keeping the air moving quickly.)

    Anyway, whatever you do, remember that it's something that affects mostly all gamers, so you're not on your own. I for one live in an old cob house, with my computer on the floor in my room, so dust for me is a real problem :/

    Good luck! :)
  9. Hehe. My wife's not my mother's... ;)

    What dust filters would you guys recommend?
  10. I don't recommend dust filters, they work well at first, but eventually once they get clogged with dust, your airflow will die. So I recommend buying, a cheap HEPA air filter and putting it near your computer, in your room to keep the room itself dust free.

    I have a nice quality honeywell HEPA airfilter and my computer is 99% dust free, well...my whole room is. I also try to keep positive pressure.

    You will also breathe better, so its also good for health. :)
  11. ^ thats a good idea. You could still run intake dust filters though, they are easy to clean, you just vaccumme them out every 3 months or so.
  12. Thank guys. Can you give me some product names and links if you have them?
  13. Just search for dust filters (or Fan Filters) at your local computer store.
  14. I think I found a honeywell HEPA airfilter that would serve my purposes.
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