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Hi guys I recently upgraded into a new case with an h50 water cooler and dropped my GTX 280 for two GTX 460 SE's in SLI. I have a Core 2 Quad Q8400 running at 3.0ghz from 2.66 at a nice 50C under load. I cannot get my Q8400 stable and over 3.0, even though it never heats past 55C. It is an absolute bastard to overclock.

Anyway, is my Quad bottlenecking my 460s? I ran 3D Mark 11 on my room mates PC (i7 930 @ 3.7, single card GTX 470) and it doubled my machines score. Am I correct in assuming my Q8400 needs to be upgraded soon?
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  1. ave you raised the voltage of your CPU to match the new clocks?
  2. Who get's better frame rates when both computers are using the same games, resolution and graphic settings?
  3. Yeah I have tinkered with it for a long time. The 8400 I have just hates to go faster than 3.0 regardless of the voltage. Heat has never been a problem.

    <edit to answer jag>

    I just got this set up and my buddy is out of town. So I don't know yet. His frames in Dirt 2 are insane though. Like 90 at 1920x1080 with like 16AA and everything max.
  4. 3dmark11 does not take advantage of SLI yet.
    Strange and a bummer.
    You should get used to running msi afterburner monitoring panel in the background.
    It will show gpu usage for both gpu's , temps also if you wish.
    It allows knowing when or if both gpu's are worked correctly.
    My dirt 2 results, all Ultra, gtx 460@890 SLI
    <results samples="8874" min_fps="78.732254" av_fps="95.833099" min_fps_ms="12.701275" av_fps_ms="10.434808" />
  5. id say not much of a bottleneck, your CPU is capable to run any game out at good FPS. Also, 3d mark score is calculated to include CPU performance , which your friends i7 would be a lot faster than your CPU. Also agree with 3dmark not using SLI.
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