PC overheats need $200 new MOBO/CPU/RAM.

Hi Friends,

I have recently run into a potentially large problem with my 2 year old build here's a brief summary of the specs let me know if you need more information:

AMD Phenom II x3 720 - Stock heatsink NO overclock
Radeon 4870 - No O/C
Corsair 750tx
Antec 900 - 4 stock fans at mid speed
4GB G. Skill - No O/C
640WD CavBlack x 2
1 Asus dvd-drive

I am currently running Windows 7 64bit and my problem occurs whenever my computer is stressed either running handbrake (decoding video) or gaming (various intervals). I have the CPU usage widget on my desktop, and when i'm running handbrake ALL 3 cores are at running at 100% and eventually get up to 72C then my computer just turns off, no reboot, just off. CPU usually idles around 30-40's.

Is there a way to avoid all three cores maxing out? I assume that is what eventually causes the crash. Do I need to change some settings that I failed to do when I built the rig in 2009?

Do I need to get an aftermarket heatsink? Should I add more fans? Should I turn my fans up to high speed?

I can spare about $200 for a new MOBO/CPU/RAM is it worth upgrading? Any suggestions?

Any advice is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for any direction to take with this.

EDIT: Figured out my MotherBoard specs
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  1. I turned all my fans on high and blew some dust off the computer last night and prime95 ran for a solid few hours at around 47C consistently...

    But I'm still interested in a CPU/MOBO/RAM upgrade between $200 and $250... Any suggestions? AMD or Intel I don't care as long as it's better than what I currently have... Just no Biostar, I should have listened before...
  2. I think it may just be the cooler. Most stock coolers work well for average use, but once you start hitting 80-100% load on one or more core, it could definitely overheat. Your CPU is expected to turn off just over 70C; it's a failsafe.

    I'd just recommend a new cooler - the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ works wonders and keep my rig in the low 50Cs while gaming.
  3. Thanks for the tip boiler, no pun intended. I may go for a new cooler and try to unlock that infamous 4th core with an overclock and try to fry the sucker...I remember back in the day I bought the right MOBO for it, just never got around to it.

    I could do some searching, but do have any suggestions for a good Overclocking guide for a noobie?
  4. I'm not too familiar with OCing as I've never looked into it. I imagine there would be some guides in the OCing section.
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