3-4 Monitors, 2 Different Nvidia Cards

I would like to run either 3 or 4 monitors off of one computer.

I currently have a fermi 460 as my primary GPU.
I have two additional GPU's that are currently unused:

GeForce 9600 GT
GeForce 8400 GS

And I own three monitors:

I-Inc 28" 1920x1200 (hdmi or vga only)
Dual 23" Acer 1080p (hdmi, vga or dvi)

The fourth might be another I-Inc or possibly and HDTV.

My MSI Mobo does not support SLI IIRC.

What is the best way to make this actually work?

So far I have tried simply plugging in one of the other Nvidia cards along with my fermi and I have yet to get it to boot.
Is it possible and should I attempt to install graphics drivers for two different cards concomitantly?

The fermi has three ports fortunately. However, I have not been able to fit two DVI's 'and' the HDMI. I would have to maul the case to get it in and I am not even sure I have the equipment to do it. Is this a decent way to get three going or just a bad idea all together?

What is optimal plan? Bear in mind that my fermi may be overkill. I like it but it can be rather loud and wouldn't mind trading in for a replacement at some point if getting two of the same kind cheaper would make this setup work. Thoughts?
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  1. You could put the dual Acer on the Fermi and have the I-Inc one on the 9600GT
    Try that out and give us a feedback.
    We'll then help you with spanning the 3 monitors......
    For the fourth monitor you could connect it to the 9600GT after you get it and all this is not going to be too difficult since you will have 2 sets of dual monitors, each set on a different card.......
    I don't see you heading into mission impossible here.....
  2. does it support crossfire if not sli?please tell the whole specifications of your system!then ask us question.:D
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