Driver is always constantly stop responding and recovering

System Specs:

Intel i5 760 2.80GHz

ATI Radeon HD 6850 (originally HD 5470)

8GB of Ram

64x bit

750w PSU

I got this Desktop a few weeks ago ( originally had the HD 5470 inside) and i tried to play World of warcraft and after 5 minutes of playing it the screen would freeze, still be able to hear the sound, and would turn black and come back. after playing minecraft, a game which runs on desktop, it happend again and i could see the " Your display Driver has stopped responding but has sucessfully recovered"

i have the most up to date driver, i doubt i have conflicting drivers i only have 2 other drivers installed, i have taken out one set of ram (4gb) and tested it and it has still happend and ive tested the other one, still happened, i have had full updated windows, that hasn't helped. The temp of the CPU is rarely over 45. Temp of Card is around 40-50 on idle and around 60 when playing world of warcraft. i have gone into the regedit and edited the waiting time for the TDR (i think thats what it was), i know i havnt got a fault card because i brought the HD 6850 brand new to prove that it wasnt a faulty card. i have tried everything i can find on the internet, nothing ive done/found has helped it.

i was told about doing a driver sweep in safe mode, which i did, i reinstalled my drivers and it ran fine.

its been running fine, but now it is doing it again, i got STALKER bundle pack off of steam, i assumed everything was fixed since killing floor would run flawlessly after i did the driver sweep, after i installed stalker, it ran fine for a bit, when crashed, crashed again, ran fine for a hour, crashed constantly after that, im running it on medium so it isnt under alot of strain. a solution someone suggested was that i downgrade my driver back to 10.10, which worked for about another hour, then it crashed again and again, went onto killing floor again, now it is crashing on that.

i use Who Crashed, and the last crashes haven't even came up

seriously, what is wrong with my PC ????
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  1. What's your PSU? A faulty PSU could possibly cause this issue.
  2. company who makes it is called Evo Labs
  3. PSU sounds scary ...

    Check voltage stability by running OCCT GPU test for and look at graphs for any anomalies at the end of the 60 minute test. Less than 5% is ATX spec, less then 2% us desired.
  4. im downloading the test now, also, could my TV be causing it? it is a Bush 26" LSD Tv which is 2-4 years old, i can test it on another tv if anything thinks the Tv could be to blame.
  5. The monitor only recieves info. It doesn't do anything to the card/computer.
  6. okay, i got an error after the idle 1 minute, what now? ive got a bunch of pictures of graphs
  7. Did you build this computer from scratch or did you buy a premade one and put a new graphics card in there, your power supply should be around 600w with 80% bronze cert...classic case of either faulty power supply, inconsistent current, and such will freeze up and reset only to power back up and start sucking up watts to breach the limit of watts and shut down quickly then reboots. No damage will happen to your card unless your overvolting to overclock then its 100% sure your short on power, remember at full load the I-5 760 will draw 238 watts by it self. so a 450 watt psu with a junk graphics cards will just reset and reset on you. Dont worry, you can find them on newegg cheap.
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