Usb power short error causes system to not work

Hello all,

I had a windows error on my windows 7 computer pop up saying a usb device is draining too much power for the port. I smelt a little burning then immediately shut down the system and unplugged everything, after that my computer wont show anything on the screen, I was wondering what can be the problem. I disconnected the optical and hard drives connected to it and only left the processor, graphics card and memory in. I have a feeling the motherboard is fried but I would like to know if their is a way to be sure its the motherboard.
I also connected a mouse to all the usb ports and it does light up on any of them and when i start the system without the memory i hear no beeps.
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  1. This is not for u to do anything, this is for technician to measure and check everything.

    It could be frayed, but u don't have the tools to check it, right?

    If it is worth to pay to fix it, I don't know, but service + parts are going to cost more than the whole thing.

    If it smells, it already did the damage.

    Sorry to hear that nareshp : (
  2. Thanks for the reply, but I am aware that i will have to replace a part or two i just wanted to know if there is anyway to check if its a motherboard problem or the cpu has gone bad, i don't hear any beeps and plan on checking the system with a different power supply and plugging in my video card to another system to check it out, the hard drive and optical drive were plugged out when i ran the test but the system should only require cpu ram motherboard and a power supply to show something on the screen.
  3. Sounds to me like it may just be the MOBO. No way to test the CPU other than plug it into another board.
  4. Unplug all the usb headers on the MB. If you have a short on a usb circuit, it can be at the MB source header or it could be a bad connection at the plugs you attach to the MB headers or it could be in one of the usb sockets that are either in the case or hardwired to the board. Also unplug all usb devices. If after everything is detached the system still fails I would think MB is damaged.
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