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I've been looking at different manufacturers versions of the Geforce GTS 450 1GB GDDR5 card, all not overclocked.
Now the Nvidia reference card is stated to have a memory speed of 1804 Mhz. On the other hand, many of the cards i've looked at are stated to have a memory speed of 3608 Mhz. And since i am torn between the Manli and the Inno3D versions (1804 Mhz and 3608 Mhz respectively), i want to know if this indeed a difference between those cards, or merely a different advertising scheme (especially since the 3608 value is the exact double of the 1804 value, and also, since they seem to have the same memory bandwidth of 57.7 GB/s with the same memory width of 128-bit).

So am i right in assuming that there is no actual difference between the 1804 Mhz and the 3608 Mhz cards??
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  1. You're correct - the speeds are identical, with only a different method of measuring them.
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