Which bga machine is good to fix mac motherboard

Hello, i have my mac with dead motherboard machine please
which BGA machine can i buy can help me to fix macbook machines
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  1. You are going to buy a BGA machine just to fix the MB????

    Just buy a replacement motherboard...
  2. I don't think the OP has any idea what he's talking about...
  3. Agreed
  4. BTW itzdanielp Impressive AMD Box, How Did You Acheive The OC? Details Please...
  5. Actually I need to update it, I dropped the 980be and picked up a FX8150. I am at 4.6 but I know I can go beyond that.

    4.551 = a little more voltage than I am comfortable with. 1.548V but the H100 kept up with it.

    21x Mult
    216.72MHz Bus speed.

    Disclaimer - It was not 100% stable. But enough for daily usage.

  6. Im supprised that you assume the op has noidea what hes talking about, for all you now he repairs PCB's on a regular basis and is just asking what the best machine is to fix his product amongst others, particular BGA machines would cover a wide variety of repair withing the same brand and many others.

    If you have lots of use for a bga machine I think the Achi ir6500 is good value and all machines have free shipping from BGA Supplies.

    If you are happy to learn how to use these machines or if you already no how as I assume the op must do, you can make alot of money using these machines fixing PCB's or reflowing/reballing equipment like pc's, laptops, xbox's, playstations and even industrial equipment. If you do have alot of requests for repairs then you definately cant go wrong with something like a ZHUOMAO ZM-R5860C as its an awesome peice of kit.
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