How do i enable multicore rendering in css

Hi, Im just wondering how i can enable mulricore rendering in Counter strike source. i have an amd phenom ii x6 1055t. when i look to see how many cores are utilized, only one core is utilized at like 90-100% and the rest at 10-20%. i get really frustrating cause i play zombie mod and when there is alot of players on the screen and much going on it drops to like 55-60 fps. i can notice lag. PLZZZZ HELP and the multi core option doesnt do anything, dont know why.
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  1. From what I remember the multi-core option does not provide very much for AMD processors and originally cause the game to crash on the same systems, or experience instability.

    If you get 60fps you aren't going to notice unless you have vertical-sync off. FPS is controlled majorly by your video card, not the CPU, especially in source games.
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