Will an IDE DVD drive work (w/adaptor) in a sata2 port?

will an IDE optical drive (at 1.5gb/s) work (with an adaptor) in a sata2 port?
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  1. Yes it will.
  2. could i also use it to load a windows 7 operating system disk? and install windows?
  3. It is a yes again.
  4. It seems to me that a new SATA optical drive wouldn't cost much more than the adapter, unless you already have the adapter.
  5. the adaptor only costs £2.10 from ebay, or £3.20 from a UK seller. so it would be cheaper than buying a whole new sata drive.
  6. The fastest PATA can go is 133M/s regardless of whether the adapter can go 1.5G/s or not. Save your lunch money for a week. Shop around. You can find Double sided DVD burners for under $25 every weekend.
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