Just Got the GTS 450

and i have a 1280x1024 monitor. Should i get a new monitor? If so which is the best monitor i can get for no more than $110.
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  1. any reputable brand 19" or bigger LCD widescreen. For that card, i would avoid 1920x1080 or higher monitors as that graphic card is not powerful enough for recent games at that res. settle for 1650x1050 or 1440 x 900. If you play older games though, some do not work well with widescreen and you may want to keep your old monitor around for them.
  2. what are good brands
  3. This is the best monitor for the price imo.

    Free shipping and no tax, the price is less than $110.

    Brands like Asus, Hannspree, Acer, HP, and Viewsonic are all good.
  4. Asus, HP, viewsonic, samsung, LG are all trusted brands IMO.
  5. i got a Viewsonic VG730m
  6. I run a GTS450 at 1280x1024 @ 72 hertz. I can play any game, old or new at very good framerates. Awesome graphics too!
  7. what vertion gts 450 you have? i use a asus TOP gts 450 and max out WoW borderlands and mass effect 2 with no issues at 1920x1080

    you mihgt have to lower the resolution for titles liek crysis or metro, but might as well get a really good monitor as it would then last you for another build or two when you cna get newerr and better cards
  8. Quote:
    sorry bro, you loose....
    it's a palit.
    next time ask before you buy the card.

    send it back now with RMA and then swap for a real card.
    not kidding..

    whats bad about palit? All the reviews i read said palit is very good?
  9. i've had good experience with palit, btu some people have had bad experinces admitadly the fan felt weak on the models i've installed ie light and thin, but i've never had issues with em to really speak of. but it only takes one or two times having to rma or one bad rma experience to no liek a company , i personally find the custom pcb palits to be prety nice but still in my own rigs use asus
  10. personally, ive almost always bought the cheaper brands (powercolour, sapphire, inno3d) for video cards and never had a problem. Cant say the same for palit, but i wouldnt think they would be any more problematic than any other brand. But with custom PCB you can possibly go wrong over the reference design if it is not done properly.
  11. Sapphire may be cheaper, but I still have over a dozen old Sapphire Radeon 9000 series cards and they are rock solid!
  12. ^ my wife did NOT want to upgrade her sapphire 4670 either (small world) it fit with her system well enough but then she saw my gts 450's in sli in wow and ... changed her mind
  13. there's a joke there about her not liking things too big ;)

    thankfully my wife values a quiet case above all else so sh has a simple lian li


    very quiet case, i was impressed.. when i'm gaming she says she's waiting for my desk to take off

    *edit* linked the wrong case
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