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Hi all,

I used to have my xbox 360 plugged into my router via ethranet, however i was getting poor signal from my laptop in the office, ive moved the router to the hall now, obviously the xbox now has no internet connection, and dont wanna pay 50 quid for a wireless adapter.

Is it possible to get another router to plug into the xbox and link to the router in the hall (i think its called a repeater or bridge, not sure?), as i would also like to get a slingbox in the near future. I currently have a router from sky, there;s no model just says sky made by d link?. thanks in advanced. Kieran
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  1. anyone? just wanna know what type of rouuter to plug into my xbox to link to my internet router in the hall?
  2. You need a wireless ethernet bridge (sometimes called a “gaming adapter” when the manufacturer is trying to appeal to that specific audience).

    [wireless router]<--wireless-->[wireless ethernet bridge]<--wire-->[xbox, slingbox, dvr, etc.]

    Decide whether you need wireless G or N, single or dual band, Gigabit, etc.

    There are basically three ways to approach it.

    1. Buy a standalone device.

    2. Buy a router that supports wireless ethernet bridge natively.

    3. Buy a router that support third party firmware (e.g., dd-wrt, tomato), which when installed, supports wireless ethernet bridge (and other modes as well).

    Standalone devices are usually the most expensive, but have the advantage of simplicity when it comes to configuration. Routers w/ native support are usually a little cheaper, but typically require a bit more configuration. dd-wrt/tomato compatible routers can often be had at the best prices and offer the most bang for the buck (quid), but involve replacing the native firmware (which is a bit risky), more configuration, and might be intimidating to newbies.

    Since you’re in the UK, it’s difficult to make specific recommendations since I don’t know what retail sources are available to you.
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