1920x1200 monitor wanting to change aspect ratio in games

So I bought a SyncMaster 260HD about a year ago and I ran everything in the 1920x1200 setting then I found out that when the games are in 1080p or less the shaders are better and so are the details for a little loss in the softness. The issue is though that it expands past the screen though. I am not sure how to just make it so there are black bars on the sides. If anyone knows any help would be great. Thanks. Also my gpu is a gtx 470.
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  1. Guardianx1015 said:
    then I found out that when the games are in 1080p or less the shaders are better and so are the details for a little loss in the softness.

    None of this makes any sense... lowering your resolution to 1080p will just increase frames per second very slightly but the GTX 470 should handle your native resolution very well on almost all games. Also when running at 1080p on a 1920x1200 monitor the black bars should be on the top and bottom, not the sides and I'm not sure what you mean by "expands past the screen."
  2. You must be really playing games that have a lot of soft textures in them.... :) gets my mind thinking......especially the expanding out of the screen part......:)
    Anyway, changing the resolution and the aspect ratio is done from within the game settings menu, it actually depends on the games you're playing, but if you are computer savvy then you might just be able to change a few settings in the game's INI files and config files to get them to work in full screen @ the aspect ratio of the screen.
    So this needs to be looked into although, I too, can't see your reasoning of "details of softness are better"......
  3. When I lower the resolution colors are more vibrant and realistic and when its in 1920x1200 it looks very fake I guess you could say. And every now and then some character models *if im playing an older game* are a little messed up
  4. Raising the resolution slightly has absolutely nothing to do with realism or colors. Games just don't work that way. All the higher resolution does is add 60 rows of pixels to both the top and bottom of the screen. Load up a game in both resolutions and take screen shots of each then compare the two. I highly doubt there is any actual difference in colors or "realism" unless perhaps there is something very wrong with your monitor.
  5. Yeah I found out it doesn't change for other people like how it does for mine. I think it may just be the monitor.
  6. Okay so I thought about something. So I used an older HDMI cord to hook it up so I was like maybe that was the issue so instead I used a DVI-D cord and well it works perfectly now and no issues everything scales fine. I think it was just an issue with the HDMI. Oh well no need to worry about it now thanks for the help.
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