Sapphire HD 5670 or HD 5770?

I have a 20 inch monitor that supports 1600x1200 but i am only going to use 1024x1028 during gaming.Do you think i will be able to max everything (except anti-aliasing) in DX11 and 1024x1028 using the HD 5670?
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  1. You guys think an HD 5670 enough for maxed 1024x1028 gaming or should i wait longer and buy and HD 5770 instead?
  2. I recommend saving up a little more for the HD 5750 or HD 5770 if you want to play future DX11 gaming with just about everything maxed out and relatively high frame rates. See following review:

    A HD 5750 will cost you $110 ($10 rebate expires 1/15/11)

    A HD 5770 will actually cost you less at $100 ($20 rebate expires 1/15/11)
  3. i would suggest gts 450,its $100 and its better than hd 5750s and 5%slower than hd 5770 in most cases,but it would be great has physx and dx11 in one package.
  4. Between the two...... go for the HD5770.
    It may not fit to your max out setting in mind but a little later if your mobo is capable you could certainly CF it with one more and then have your monitor maxed out :)
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