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ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 - Extra Powerfull ?


I found something very confusing to me :??: on page with results of 3DMark 06 here on - 2010 Gaming Charts.

I am talking about "ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 [3DMark Score] (1280x1024, Default Quality) - 20900 points " is that result real ? I am thinking about buying this card but in old reviews it gets in 3DMark06 with same settings only around 10000 - 12000 points points and its not just 3DMark, graphs on this page are showing extreme output even in real games.

Anybody knows how is that possible ? Only idea I get is that ATI improved drives a lot so now we can see full potential of this card.

PS: But I still can't belive that HD3870 X2 (20900 points) is performing as well as GTX460 (21321 points).

Thank you in advance for ideas,opinions or informations about this. And sorry for my terrible english.

Lukas Grunt
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  1. My best guess is that the old reviews that you were looking at were for the 3870. The new reviews were for the 3870 HD X2 which is basically a crossfired 3870 on one card.
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    It could be better drivers or faster CPUs allowing the card to perform better.

    It could also be synthetic benchies which are crap. Remember when the 2900XT came out? 3DMark said it would be faster then the 8800GTX, which is wasn't. In games, it could nearly match the 8800GT. When new cards come out even now I skip the synthetic bench page. It simply isn't of any use.

    If you look at the sum graphs, at 1680x1050 it performs like a 4870. At 1920x1200 it falls a bit to 5770 levels. In looking at games I really don't see anything abnormal.
  3. it is better than 8800gt sli and also 8800gtx,however its a bit slower than 8800ultra but it will do everything fine with 40+fps in everygame!
  4. for example here - it shows 12fps :cry: in crysis ? it rly scares me :(

    or here - it shows 13300 points only (3dmark)

    another "fail" - 11000 points (3dmark)

    c_for: nope I was rly looking on 3870x2 and in some reviews it was tested on intel quad cores and still performance was quite low compared to these tomshardware graphic charts which looks rly great.

    And what is absolutely crazy ? ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 crossfired should be equal to 5870's crossfired at least in 3dmark.

    To explain why I dont understand this, 5870 costs 8-12k czk but 3870x2 is possible to get for 1.2k czk (czech crowns) and only donwside of this card I can see is that it doesn't support dx11 (or at least it perform rly bad in dx11) if this super cool score in 2010 graphic chart is true.
  5. Quote:
    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 crossfired should be equal to 5870's crossfired at least in 3dmark.

    Huh? Why should they be equal? The 3870 x2 does not support DX11. You'd need a 5xxx or better to do that.

    And again, your looking at synthetic benchmarks and not real games. Real games it will perform like a 4870 or 5770 depending on the resolution. No where near a single 5870 let alone two of them.
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