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Hello. Basically today I started having lots of problems with my PC.
It all started after I installed a new ''driver'' for my 6501 audio device, which I think it was a virus, but I'm not sure, I just recall seeing some programs that I don't think I had before.
Anyways, I restarted the PC after that, and then all hell broke loose. I got an Adobe Air error on a game, adobe flash player errors on youtube videos and even BSOD's.
I also have to mention that I took out the video card and put it back, since I thought the problem was maybe from it. In this process, while the PC was starting up, I got 3 beeps, like beeep-beeep-beeep and then pause and started again. I took out the memory sticks and put them back as well, and finally the PC loaded.
But now every game I have crashes to desktop and I can see some graphical glitches while running them, same goes with youtube videos. I got a 8800GT, a 650W Spire PSU and an quad amd CPU.
I don't have any viruses as reported from AVG, no hard drive problems on C: or D:.
I could maybe go on with other things that happened, but I would like a response at the moment from these things, and I can answer after. These things are really annoying, and I can't play any game.
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  1. Eh it actually got back to normal now it seems, will post again if I encounter problems again, thanks for reading :P
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