Sandy Bridge CPU Build $1400~$1500

Hey guys!
So after the sandy bridge chipset recall, i waited a little (waiting wasn't easy :()for it to get back into the market, and wanted to make sure that my new (and also my first) build would be alright. I hope you guys can give me feedbacks about it. really, anything helps ;) the computer will be used mainly for gaming, watching videos.. My budget will be around $1400~$1500, but could go more.

CPU: intel i7-2600k

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD5-B3 (yeah, it's not out yet, but the one i will be getting, most-likely)

RAM: CFD DDR3 W3U1333Q-4G DDR3 PC3-10600 CL9 4GB x 2
I kinda saved some money here. It's apparently a japanese brand, but it was 8GB ram for like $60, so.. yeah:)

HDD: WesternDigital CaviaBlack 3.5inch 7200rpm 1TB 64MB SATA/3.0Gbs

GPU: MSI N560GTX-TI Twin Frozr II/OC GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1GB


Fan: COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus RR-B10-212P-G1

Thermal Paste: Arctic Silver 5

My monitor is 1920x~1080.
I might also get two WD caviablack and go for raid 0, but not sure if it boosts the performance significantly. This really is my first build, so any tips or advices would help!
Thanks for reviewing in advance :P
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  1. If you want maximum hard drive performance I would go with an SSD, rather than a RAID array. Also, that PSU is overkill even for dual video cards. A good quality 750W unit will do the job just fine. Corsair and XFX have good 750W PSUs that would be good choices.
  2. i will consider for SSD hdd.
    Yeah, lol i thought that the PSU would be an overkill, but was going to add some vid card in the future. I guess 750W is going to be enough for dual vid cards as well, so i can save some money there :P
  3. To cut costs instead of WD Caviar 1TB go for
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB 70$
    Good value for money

    And for the PSU get
    XFX 750W 80+ Silver certified 100$ AR
  4. thanks!
    looks like i can save some money on some places. lol
    hopefully, other things are alright :p
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