Gtx 460 768mb or HD 5770 ?

alright, I'm ordering all my parts on monday so i have about a day to decide. I was going to go for a gtx 460 when they were $150 on newegg but i missed the sale :( . this is what i'm deciding between now:

ASUS gtx 460 768mb - $170


HIS 5770 - $130

what i care about most is stability and resilience. i want it to work when i take it out of the box and i want it to keep on working.


PS - i know the 460 performs a little better but is it worth the money?
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  1. your looking for stabiliy and resiliance.. reminds me a little of NVIDIA...

    the NVIDIA will last longer than the AMD, plus the GTX460 is an excellent card...
    you can pair it with another later on if need be...
  2. What resloution is your monitor?

    Do you intend to Overclock?
  3. Just because one card is made by X company doesn't mean its going to last longer then Y. I thought it was funny Scanlia claims its Nvidia cards who last longer, aren't they the last ones to get hit by shoddy parts? (think notebook GPUs.)

    Around my place I should still have in working condition a Voodoo2, a TNT2, and a bunch of Matrox and ATI 1/2/4MB cards. I wouldn't say one companies cards last longer then the other.

    I think its strictly a matter of budget, goals, and resolution. If you can only afford $130 or $150 then the GTX460 is out of your range. If they are both in your range, then it matters on goals and res. Is your goal for maximum performance in all games? Is your res so high you'll need the GTX460s extra power? If your gaming at 1440x900 and you'd rather have the extra $$$ for something else, then the 5770 is the card for you. If you want the extra performance the GTX460 provides or game at a higher res, then get the GTX460.
  4. the 5770 for $100 after rebate is a pretty good deal. You can't go wrong with either.
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    There is an HD5850 for only $170 on newegg right now;
    It is actually cheaper than the GTX 460 you linked considering the free shipping and it is approximately 20% faster on average. Also an HD6850s are available for $180.
    If you want to stick with the cards you linked the GTX 460 768mb is significantly faster than the HD5770; about 25% on average at high resolutions. The DirectCU model is very nice but there are other options. The MSI Cyclone is the same price but the free shipping and larger rebate make it $18 cheaper in the end;
    It also has good cooling.
    The HD5770 is a good card as well and if you resolution is low(under 1680x1050) the GTX 460 probably isn't worth the extra money.
  6. I'm likely getting this monitor:

    which is 1920x1080. It'd be nice to play games at full resolution but all the gaming i've done in the past 2 years has been on my shitty dell laptop, i literally played through borderlands at 600x400 resolution. It's probably not going to bother me that much if i can't play newer games at 1920x1080 all the time.

    Can anyone give me examples of games i wouldn't be able to play at 1920x1080 with the 5770?

    thanks for all the advice
  7. You can probably play every game at 1080 with the 5770, but you'll have to turn every detail down/off to do it:P Assuming max or near max details, most games should run ok. The BIG AAA titles won't, Metro Crysis, etc. The 5770 is more of a 1440x900 or 1680x1050 card.
  8. If you are the sort that is ok without AA and lowering a few settings on the more intensive games then an HD5770 will do just fine at 1080p.
  9. Whats AA?
  10. AA = Anti-Aliasing. I don't know how to explain it 100%, but it's a technique of more or less fooling the eyes into thinking a jagged edge is actually smooth. Hard to describe really you can look it up. Basically it makes a 3d game look more realistic with more chances to smooth the edges. i.e - no anti-aliasing = no chance to smooth edges. 2x anti-aliasing = 2 chances to smooth an edge. Etc, etc, etc.

    Honestly, with some of these guys having over 5,000 posts it's hard to believe they haven't asked one big question yet. Do you plan on eventually buying a 2nd card for crossfire or SLI? Cause if so you need to see which cpu you have first. crossfire with an intel processor = big no no, same with sli on an amd processor. So there's your answer (in my opinion.) If you never plan on buying a 2nd card for crossfire or sli, then it's really a personal opinion. A lot of hardcore gamers will tell you to go with the nvidia though.. I personally think they perform better.

    Again, at the end of the day it's up to two things.

    1) do you plan on buying a 2nd or even 3rd card eventually for crossfire or SLI? If so; intel = nvidia, amd = ati.

    2) if the answer to above question is no. personal opinion on the brand. Check the specs of the cards, and make a decision based on what your prefer.

    (and to answer your question about if the 460 is worth the money. Do you want better performance? if so then you decide if better performance is worth the money.)
  11. As one of the guys with over 5000 posts I'll point out that your info about SLI and crossfire is nearly entirely false. The are more Intel boards with crossfire capability than SLI and there is no reason at all to avoid an Intel processor if you plan to crossfire. While SLI is rarer on AMD motherboards there are still a bunch with Nvidia chipsets that can SLI. Also whether the motherboard is AMD or Intel you can SLI as long as you have two PCI-E x16 ports if you are willing to use hacked drivers to accomplish it.
  12. I have yet to this day to see a board that supports an intel processor and crossfire. But if they exist that's my mistake because I've never seen one. So if they do exist my bad. But I'll still stick to my terms until I see one.
  13. To my knowledge(which is pretty good as far as it goes) there are actually no SLI Intel motherboards that cannot also crossfire. There are quite a few that are crossfire but not SLI unless you use hacked drivers.
  14. Well in that case, to op it depends on what your motherboard can handle, and then it comes down to personal preference. (Thanks jyjjy, I learned something new today!)
  15. Basically if a motherboard has two PCI-E x16 slots crossfire is a given. ATI/AMD does not charge motherboard manufacturers for crossfire compatibility but Nvidia does so to be certified as SLI. So a lot of the lower end Intel do not to support SLI even with the appropriate ports because it would raise the price of the board.
  16. I'm not very interested in SLI/crossfire. In my opinion it's not very cost effective right now. also i don't think it would even be possible with the MOBO i'm getting.

    What do you think about the 460 gtx SE? would it do better at 1920x1080 than the 460 gtx 768mb?

    MOBO: ASRock M3A770DE AM3 AMD 770 ATX.

    CPU: AMD AMD Athlon II X3 450 Rana 3.2GHz 3 x 512KB L2 Cache Socket AM3 95W Triple-Core Desktop Processor [...] 6819103886

    Thanks All
  17. That motherboard is crossfire capable actually.
    The 768mb is better than the SE.
  18. It says it's crossfire capable but i read in the reviews that due to the layout you can't actually get 2 cards to fit inside
  19. I don't see anything about the layout that would prevent it. The second slot is x4 but on PCI-E 2.0 it shouldn't have all that much of a performance hit.
  20. i am assuming you have a pretty capable psu with your new rig? ive a gtx460 768mb myself and if you're willing to overclock it, its one hell of a card.
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  22. jyjjy said:
    I don't see anything about the layout that would prevent it. The second slot is x4 but on PCI-E 2.0 it shouldn't have all that much of a performance hit.

    built the comp and the cooler on my GPU is sitting directly over the other pci-e slot. Luckily i don't have any interest in sli. My card has a fairly large heatsink but even with a normal sized one i'm not sure it would fit 2 cards. definitely a design flaw in motherboard (or the card depending on your point of view)
  23. Your card has a two slot cooler like almost all cards these days. A second card should actually fit but there will be no space between the cards which can cause airflow/heat issues depending on case airflow and the coolers on the two cards. It is a design flaw but a fairly common one.
    Which card did you end up getting?
  24. ended up with the MSI cyclone gtx 460 768. it's definitely got a pretty beefy cooler.
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