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Quadro 4000 idle temperature

So I finally got my workstation computer build in order and I'm using a PNY Nvidia quadro 4000 Fermi card with 750 HX corsair power supply.

Other components.
(AMD phenom 2 x6 1090t
8 gb XMS3 RAM)

I'm running windows 7 ultimate
The idle temperature of the card is 58 - 59C (degrees centigrade using Everest Ultimate edition)

At load it goes up to 70 C

Is this normal or is an RMA in order?

I used EVGA percision to increase the fan speed (was 35, raised it to 55) and the temperature came down to 55 C.
Is it safe to do this or will it affect the life of the card?

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  1. My GTX 260s idle between 35-45C and can get up to 60C in games, 70C in Furmark (stress testing).. Most 'modern' graphics cards get to 70C at load.. but your idle temps do look rather high though.

    What cooling do you have in your case?
  2. Cooling : stock CPU fan, GPU on board fan (running at 35% - checked with evga precision) 2 case fans (one back, second bottom front cooler master elite 310 case)

    I have read that the quadro cards run pretty hot.
    Quadro 6000 max temp load is around 88 C
  3. Those temperatures are nothing to be worried about, your card can withstand much higher temperatures than that.You shouldn't be worried as long as they dont cross 85 C on load.
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    If you want a lower idle temp, you can change your fan speed manually via RivaTuner or MSI Afterburner and have the fans always at say 65%. It's louder, but will keep your idle temps right down. Also yeah.. what Tamz said.. your card can take much hotter than that so not to worry.
  5. Okay with evga precision's automatic fan control, fan speeds are constant at around 50 % and the GPU temperature's now idle at 54 C.

    However will doing this decrease the life of my GPU and/or GPU fan?
  6. Nahh. Your fan should be rated to last for like 20'000 hours at 100% or something like that. Meaning you will have at least a couple of years before you have any issues.. and even then.. as long as you clean the fan once in a while you'll be just fine.

    I run my GTX 260s at 72% constantly, have done for around 10 months now, and have no issues what so ever. Same RPM and same noise as when they were new.. just remember to clean them once a month or so.. just blow on the fan or wipe with some tissue etc.
  7. Got a missive from PNY technical support:


    Thank you for contacting PNY Technical Support.

    In reviewing your message, the highest temperature you mentioned 70C is well within operating termperature ranges.

    The graphics card can operate normally until 105C, at this temperature GPU slowdown will occur to prevent damage.

    Though I find it odd that GPU slowdown would occur at such a high temperature by default.

    None the less I'm using EVGA and so we're good to go!

    P.s the quadro 4000 doubles up as a decent after work gaming card too, running oblivion at ultra high with graphic intensive mods like qarls textures revisited causes no discernible lag!
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