Intel Core i7 CPU spiking to 0% Use when playing games.. Causes stutte

Hi All,

Basically, when I'm playing PC games, I'll get a perfect 60 FPS, but for some reason, the Intel i7 processor I have will spike to 0% use for a second and then continue to run.. This causes major FPS lag for around 1 to 3 seconds.

Here is a screenshot of me playing a game:

Information about my rig:

Had it about a year, haven't cleaned it once, runs at about 80C, 90C when playing games.

Is this a dust issue? Any ideas?
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    I have one idea. The temperture. While the CPUs Tjunction is set to 100c, meaning it will operate at up to 100c, the laptop maker probably set their safe guard at a lower temperature.

    When the CPU reaches that temperature, it will downclock itself according to the BIOS till it reaches that temperature or lower.

    I would suggest getting a decent cooling pad for it for when you play games. There are some nice ones with big 200mm fans that will help cool it down.

    That or get a desktop for gaming as laptops are not well suited for it, even when they are designed for it. I am not a laptop fan due to them shoving extremley hot components into a small space with inadequate cooling.
  2. Temperature might very well be the issue. Notice though that only some of the cores drop to 0%, not all of them. Depending on the game, some of the cores may not be doing any work.
  3. do something about the temperature, take heatsink off ,clean all dust, reapply some good thermal paste, turn cpu fan up. After this try a game and see if prob persists
  4. Try doing some cleanup too, there might be a program....or malicious type process running. Run Malware-bytes for that. Close up any unnecessary start up programs.

    Lastly, try updating your GPU drivers.
  5. "runs at about 80C, 90C " <------- theres your problem.
  6. Alright guys, thanks for the help. I had thought this would be the problem, but it's great to see a general consensus.

    Will clean it up soon.
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