Bus type on notebook memory upgrade?


Here's my notebook's memory requirements:
- Module upgrade PIN count is: 200-PIN
- The memory speed is: DDR2 533MHz, PC2-4200
- The laptop or notebook DIMM type for the Satellite A100-785 is: SODIMM, SO-DIMM, Small Outline DIMM, Non ECC

I'm planning on upgrading my notebook memory and I found the following spec: 2GB 200-PIN Unbuffered SO-DIMM Non-ECC PC2-6400

Would it be compatible with my machine (bus type is different)? Thanks.
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  1. yes it should work, pc-6400 is 400MHz, and its 200pin ram

    your pc supports up to pc-8500
  2. The bus type (DDR2) is the same. The bus frequency is different.
  3. Cheers guys !
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