HD 5770 and cpu e4600 >> is that equal a bottleneck ?

hi there !!!

i bought a new graphics card ( powercolour HD 5770 ) before a few months ago for my PC which have intel E4600 2.4Ghz cpu and kingstone 667Hz 2GB ram

and i'm wondering if i have a bottleneck with my new video card !!??

note ! :
with crysis warhead i've got about 30 frame in maximum settings and 1280x960 resolution
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  1. Probably but it should still give you a huge performance over what you had before.

    Crysis and Crysis Warhead are terribly coded; what are your FPS in Crysis 2?
  2. The first Crysis is a true beast of a game, demanding lots of GPU horsepower *and* CPU horsepower....

  3. I don't think the e4600 is much of a bottleneck. (The preformance 5770 is between the 4850 and 4890.):

    The E6300 does have 400Mhz on you, but I don't think it's far off. (I'd still try to get a little more out of that chip of yours.)
  4. It wont. E4600 would be able to handle your GPU just fine.

    Bottlenecking is a bit blown out of proportions in this forum for me! :)
  5. an e4600 doesnt meet the recommended requirements for many new games and they will run terribly on it. Running such a low resolution that you are, a CPU upgrade would give you more performance than upgrading gfx card.
  6. I have a living room system that is close in power. 939-x2-4400+2.2@2.5ghz 4870 on a 1080p tv.
    Try setting the aa/af in catalyst to 4x, and adaptive aa to "quality", v-sync on,
    "mipmap detail level to "performance "

    You will have to try setting some game settings like game physics to med, or fog to med, shadows to med in games.

    - Are you running windows 7 or winxp? On a older system you are better off running winxp since it forces games to run in the faster dx-9.0c mode.
    There is a way to make windows 7 work in dx-9.0c mode or disable some of the extra dx11 features. Some games have a selection for dx-9.0c mode, if it does try running in dx-9.0c mode.

    You could reuse your memory and get a cheap am2+/am3 board that takes ddr2-667 mem and a phenomIIx4.
  7. -Don't worry about the game min spec requirements (unless it says it wont run on a certain os like winxp or with a certain amount of mem you don't have). I have a few games running that said it needed either a faster dual core or a tri or quad core to run, and they still ran just fine anyway. Games like cod black ops run on a dual core anyway in spite of what the specs say.
  8. Your CPU is a bit of a limiting factor for a 5770, especially if you get low minimum frame rates at that resolution. If your motherboard allows for overclock then I recommend getting a decent tower cooler (at least a Cooler Master TX3) and overclocking your CPU by at least 20% to 2.8Ghz or so (though I would recommend going 3Ghz+). Doing that should give you a smoother experience.
  9. Also, while you can get by with 2GB in Crysis at Gamer Settings make sure you have a minimum of background processes running. Make sure any Bit Torrent, Office Apps, Virus Scanners, and other memory/cpu consuming services are off when you play Crysis. That or get more RAM.
  10. -Both windows xp and win7 32bit max out at 3gb of memory. If you have 4gb it will only recognize 3gb of memory. Its a windows 32bit os limitation.
  11. First thanx to all of you guys

    anyway actully i'm using windows 7 !!!

    but mr Stardude82 comment was interesting for me !!!

    I don't think the e4600 is much of a bottleneck. (The preformance 5770 is between the 4850 and 4890.):
    http://www.tomshardware.com/review [...] 469-8.html

    The E6300 does have 400Mhz on you, but I don't think it's far off. (I'd still try to get a little more out of that chip of yours.)

    in his link you can see the different between HD 4890 and HD 4850 on P E6300 and C2DE8400 and i don't see big different between the CPU's performance which my CPU is between them !!

    and i can see the same frame rate which i got it with Fraps software it's about 25-30 on the same resolution 1280*1024 and with 16x antialiasing too !! :heink:

    so i understood from the picture in the following link that that the different between my CPU and i7 920 with HD 5770 is close to be the same !! the different is just about 2-3 frames more for i7 so i don't think that i have a very big problem with my CPU and My video card !!!

    am I right ? what do you think guys ?
  12. war11 said:
    what do you think guys ?

    Your probably right, but the CPU used in that article was a Pentium E6300 running at 2.8GHz. If you look at the 4890 result you see there is an slight impact at that speed. I don't know exactly how that would scale with your slower CPU and GPU.

    If you can get a marginal overclock on your CPU, maybe up to the speed of that E6300, you should have no worries then.
  13. thanx a lot guys and especially you mr stardude82 for helping me !! have a good day
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