Sound decreases when microphone picks up sound

hello guys,

im having this slowly growing annoying problem where whenever someone or if i talk on teamspeak(or just when my microphone pick up sound), my speaker/headset volume decreases... then after a 1-2 seconds without my microphone picking up sound, my volume is just becomes loud again... :fou:

i've tried going to control panel>hardware & sound>sound>communications> i choose "do nothing", click Apply then OK

but still my sound decreases... why is that? thank you for all the help guys:)
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  1. It might be a function (I don't use teamspeak). There are functions where if someone talks over the mic, the background music, sound lowers itself so you can hear the voice better.

    Does the ENTIRE sound become lower, or only the background music, ambiance, sound effects drop?

    If it is just the background noise and not the person who is speaking, then the options to change that might be in your teamspeak client.
  2. yup, it was from the teamspeak program:) thanks a lot bro :D
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