Cpu temp idle 55c


Its been 10 month I have my custom computer and my cpu idle temps is at 55 c. What can I do? I put thermal grease before but it was like 45 degre 10 month before. What can I do now :/

Thank you

PC specs : Cpu= i7 930 base clock
Cooler : Hyper Z600 (coooler master)
Case : antec 900
GPU : gigabyte 4670
Mobo : gigabyte x58 udr3
Ram : 4x2 gb
psu : corsair 650W
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  1. Hi,
    With a third party cooler that is quite high.
    Here is a review of your cooler:

    And even at load it doesnt reach 47.

    I think you may have seated the cpu cooler wrongly or you may have applied the thermal paste in the wrong way.
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    clean the dust from it. also if you have Q-fan or some similar automatic fan control turned on, it reduces the speed the fan spins at idle increasing temps slightly. Also the ambient temp has to be the same to get a reference temp.
  3. Couple of things you could check:

    - As mentioned, might be worth buying some new thermal paste and doing a fresh application and reseating the heatsink.

    - Not sure where you live, but there are some places in the states with 90d temps right now and you could have a really high ambient temp. (Although probably not enough to make that large of a difference)

    - Clean out your case regularly for dust. Wash your removable dust filters (if you have them) and use a can of compressed air to clean out your case. Can actually help more than you would think.

    - Did you recently make any changes to your computer such as overclocking or anything? That could easily increase your comp temps, but I'm assuming you didn't.
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