Amd phenom ii x6 1090T vs intel core i7 920

for gaming performence which is the best for me-Amd phenom ii x6 1090T vs intel core i7 920
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  1. Is this a completely new build? If so I'd suggest looking at the new LGA 1155 Intel Sandybridge (i5 2500K and i7 2600K) chips. What do you plan to use this for (gaming, scientific computing, etc.)?
  2. I agree with EXT64, in pretty much every case the 2500K/2600K beat the i7 920 and kepp up with even the Core i7 980X (Intels extreme high end 6 core CPU).

    Plus it will support Ivy Bridge next year while LGA1366 is on a dead end road and you need to buy certain AM3 mobos to allow Bull Dozer to work.
  3. ^+1 socket 1555, forget those old CPU's. But if i had to chose between the 2, the i7 920 is much better for gaming. 6 cores is a waste for gaming at the moment.
  4. If you aren't buying new the 920 is better at just about everything.
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