Least expensive motherboard for a hp notebook

please I need to buy a motherboard for HP notebook Tx 2110US (serial number CNF 8166L4y)
I would like to know where I could buy it in Miami

Thanks a lot

Fabio Campos (Brazil)
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  1. I recommend you remove your hardrive and get a new notebook. Notebook motherboards are proprietary. You'll be lucky to find your model number; you'll pay too much for a used board with limited warranty. If a new one is available, by the time you pay for installation, you could buy a brand new notebook. Here's one example: http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Lenovo+-+Laptop+-+Black/4592602.p?id=1218493899010&skuId=4592602 (amd). An asus model with Intel core i3 cpu is about $50 more, but the link didn't work.
  2. As indicated above, you cannot simply drop in any motherboard for a notebook. It must be specific to your notebook.

    A refurbished HP Tx 2110US motherboard is going to cost you $300.


    $300 is not cheap and a used HP TX 2110US notebook is $450.


    It's time to look for a new notebook (laptop).
  3. You might be lucky to find a slightly different model board that is still compatible with the rest of the machine but the odds are against you. Worse you are likely to not find a same model replacement at all but you can hunt around for a broken netbook of the same model and scrap it for a working board. Beyond that take the drive out and go buy a new netbook and sell the broken one off.
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