HAF 932/H50 airflow design for OC

Hi guys, gals, and assorted others.

So, I was planning on building a boring old Hyper 212+ until Best Buy dropped a $40 H50 special on me. Then I became obsessed.

(Yes, I'm a little weird.)

So, I have diagrammed my build, and wondering what you think of the air flow. It should be slightly positive (I think).

Here are the components:

Not yet bought:
HAF 932 and fans
P8P67 Pro
120mm vent tubing
Ati 6970 (or 6950, depending on the price I can get)
DVD drive
F3 Spinpoint 1Tb

Already purchased:
C300 128gb SSD
Corsair H50
XFX 850W "Black Edition"
GSkill DDR3-1600 CL-9 1.5V

My goal is to make it to 4.8Ghz on the 2500k, and wondering what you think about this prospect, and also what you would change about the air flow or case.

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  1. Did I post this in the wrong forum? Should I repost somewhere else?

    Shameless self-bump?
  2. There is a great vid of coolermaster testing out the air flow on a HAF-X case, shows you where the air vents from and what happens when you add the 2nd top extracting fan.
    Very good case, ive just bought one!

    Link to coolermaster youtube tv
  3. The HAF X doesn't really work for me because the tubes for the H50 don't reach the front fan, and I would like something that allows me to put a 120mm at the top to vent air out.
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