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Crossfire 5870 or 580 gtx

Hi I'm in a bit of a conundrum over whether I should crossfire my current 5870 or sell it and purchase a 580 gtx. I got my card in March with the intentions of crossfiring them a year later instead of buying what at the time was a 700$gpu(5970). I've been perfectly happy with the card, and while it plays every game I currently own at 1080p great, I've seen lately that it seems to be struggling a bit with some dx11 titles. Since converting from a lifetime console gamer to pc, I absolutely desire to see 60fps in every game I play. And I'm a bit worried that the 5870 may struggle in the game I'm most looking forward to- Elder Scrolls V. I play games to enjoy them and am not a benchmarking addict, so a 5% or so performance difference when I'm running vsync and d3doverider doesn't mean anything to me. I would go with the 5870 crossfire since I already have one but I've been reading a lot about microstuttering issues, input lag, etc. I experienced stuttering in Fallout 3 and if crossfire microstuttering is anything similar I would absolutely abhor it. What do you guys think thanks? Btw I'm running a i5 750@3.8, 4 gig ram, 1080p res.
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    The GTX 580 is the top card right now. While a pair of 5870's migh technically be faster in most games, the GTX580 will always hit that target 60 fps in any game at any level of detail. It will also pair nicely with your fast CPU. In addition, the GTX 580 holds several key advantages to the 5870 in Crossfire: much better DirectX 11 tesselation performance, PhysX, lower noise, lower heat, 3D Vision capability, and better stability across all games.
  2. Thanks man kind of my train of thought.
  3. I'm pretty happy with my GTx 580. The best part, besides the awesome performance, is the cooler is really effective and very quiet.
  4. Any dissenting views? I'll start looking to sell the 5870 otherwise appreciate the confirmation
  5. Also it would be a 100 dollars cheaper to just go with crossfire 5870
  6. I know you are still waiting for additional opinions, but in the mean time, here is a look at DirectX 11 performance and a list of upcoming DirectX 11 games.

    A list of DirectX 11 games:
  7. Not that I dislike the 5870, but I dislike crossfire/sli.

    Well, maybe dislike is too strong a word. I dislike the disadvantages. Crossfire/SLI doesn't work in windowed mode, sometimes it's not supported, and other times it causes glitches. It's also noisier.

    The advantage to getting a 2nd 5870 would be higher performance when things are going right, and it'll be cheaper.

    However, you seem to be ok with the extra expense, so I'd just get the 580.

    Stability wise, being a single card adds stability. However, ATI drivers are less likely to cause you to crash...unless you have faulty hardware, which some of the early 5870's had hardware issues.
  8. I think that you either just stick with two options, either stay with your single 5870 or get a GTX580 as crossfire isn't as great as it should be. People often have complaints about it and SLI well I have been there a few times.
  9. If you're considering the GTX 580 for Elder Scrolls V, hold on to your money. There isn't even a release date for TES V yet that I'm aware of. So there's no point in buying the 580 yet, when you're 5870 more than does fine for now.
  10. jerreece said:
    If you're considering the GTX 580 for Elder Scrolls V, hold on to your money. There isn't even a release date for TES V yet that I'm aware of. So there's no point in buying the 580 yet, when you're 5870 more than does fine for now.

    Actually there was a post on Fud and in the news here on THG about it. It has been in development for two years now but as far as a date it will be some time late this year but it won't be as big as TES 4 .
  11. Actually, I forgot. There was a release date given in the initial Reveal trailer. The date is November 11th, 2011. (11/11/11)

    That said, a single ATI 5870 does a pretty stellar job. So if your only reason to upgrade is for TES V, there's not much point in doing so just yet. The GTX 580 should be quite a bit cheaper by November of 2011, as I'm sure ATI will have a rebuttal by then, if not nVidia themselves.
  12. Tesslation doesn't matter much if at all, so far all the DX11 titles that use it, use it in very small amounts like for characters only.

    5870s in CF would be faster and cheaper, and IMO that's a good way to go. If you really want a single card solution - which admitedly is less prone to having any sort of problems - then definitely go with a 580.

    Just to point stuff out from the same article matto linked:

  13. Yeah I think the 580 gtx would be a better option. I'm not upgrading solely for Skyrim; there's just a part of me wishing Bethesda will give us a true dx11 game and not just a port. I'm currently playing several games from the Steam Holiday Sale(Mafia 2, Stalker complete, etc, that could benefit from the extra power. The only think I will miss from ATI is SSAA-which I would take over physx any day. Thanks everyone
  14. if would simply go with gtx 580.better and more cool than xfire of 5870.
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