Radeon 6870 does not fully display at full screen

Well...I hate to say that but not sure if this is the problem of the samsung monitor or the graphic card. Here is the problem:

I have bought the Samsung BX2431 monitor...The monitor isn't really that good. The stand cannot be adjusted and tend to tilt a little bit forward. However, I have two radeon 6870 installed for crossfire. As soon as I installed the drivers, the resolution was automatically detected, which was high definition 1080p with high definition cable connected to the monitor and the graphic card. This is where the problem occurs, the graphic does not look any better than my Asus. Besides this, there are black bars around the display screen and it didn't fully display at full screen that filled the screen of the monitor.

So could anybody get me some help? I am not sure if it is the problem of the Samsung monitor or the graphic card. I have tried everything I could, but I was unable to fix this problem.
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  1. already get it and thanks a lot for help.
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