I think my PSU is causing my Graphics Card to Crash.

I have The Radeon HD6850 and during games it crashes sometimes, sometimes more frequent than others. my last crash ( about 2 minutes ago ) i actually heard the Fan on the graphics card power down and almost stop before the graphics card started up again. Am i correct in thinking that i have a faulty PSU? it is a 750w Evo Labs PSU.
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  1. Do you have any other computer that you can test the card in or a old card to test the power supply on?
  2. i have a 6 year old PSU which is 750w but the leads will be different, but before i had the HD 6850 i had HD 5750 and i had the same problem as i do no, i know i dont have conflicting drivers because ive ran a driver sweep and ccleaner.
  3. do you have 4pin molex to pci express connectors? should have came with the graphics card.
  4. um i think so
  5. I would try to power the card of the molex instead of the pci connectors on the psu and see if it still crashes
  6. i really have no idea what im doing to be honest, im not that much of a computer guy, but i know what the cables look like, and ill try and switch them around, any other ideas?
  7. If you have had the same problems with your old card i would recommend getting a new psu from a reliable brand like this.

  8. so it is the psu? i just need confirmation, i dont mind spending money to buy new parts, i just like knowing that im spending this money and itll fix it.
  9. In my opinion i would say that it is the power supply or the motherboard. if the power supply is shorting out it will cause the graphics cards to stop for a short amount of time. if the pcie slot is going out it can also start to act up once in awhile.
  10. ill try taking the wires out and putting them back in firmly, if that doesnt fix it, ill buy a new psu, thanks!
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