Memmory Problem

My computer is very slow and i am using intel duel core processor and i want to use i3 processor without changing motherboard is this possible if no how much cost be happen for i3 processor and motherboard.
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  1. Hi!
    You could try a registry cleaner for cleaning up your registry after that you could also defrag your hdd.
    You could get more speed if you did both of this.
  2. In short, it depends on which MB and CPU you are currently using, as there were/are many socket 775 dual cores, but, you will obviously not be using socket 1155/or 1156 socket cpus with them...

    MBs supporting the latest i3/i5/i7 cpus are avail for socket 1155 (using H61/H67 chipsets) for as little as $80 US....
  3. Or just gives us the specs of your computer and which OS you're running and we might be able to tell you if it should be slow or not or if it can even be upgraded.
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