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Will i have been updating my pc and now its time to look at a newer screen. The screen i have now is a viewsonic q20wd 20" lcd like 3 years out. Never had a problem with it. my biggest thing is i want more screen it seems like led screens stop at 24". 3d screens stop at 23. I have always had viewsonic screens.
I have been looking at the asus 24 led and asus 3d 23 and acer 23.6 3d. My goal at the end of the day to feel a upgrade when im playing gaming over what i have now. I play sc2, c&c4, need for speed, and whatever else is new i try once if not 2 times. I will have a gtx 580 on this setup.

Things i need to know.

Is 3d screens any good at this point?

Will a 23 or 24 feel much bigger than a 20"?

Dose 120 hz really make a huge jump in game play?

Dose any one have the asus or acer 3d monitor and do you like it?

Dose led really make a huge jump over normal lcd monitor?

I have read tons of reviews on both but i like to hear from people who own this gear and not just review sites. thank you for all your help. Oh by the way dose any one if there going to release a 27 led monitor in the next couple months.
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  1. 3D screens need 3D glasses from NVIDIA (normally) to work. The glasses are another £100 to use the 3D function.

    I have a 22" monitor and a 24" monitor. When I got the 24" it seemed LOADS bigger than the 22", so yes.. you'll see a big difference from a 20" to either 23" or 24".

    120Hz will not make any difference to your gameplay FPS. It's needed to run 3D, which is two angles of a game running alternate at 60Hz each.

    Acer make fantastic monitors, my 24" is an Acer and I'm very happy with it. No idea about the ASUS.. haven't used one.

    LED makes the monitor so much brighter and clearer. I wouldn't have believed it, but my old monitor (LCD) now makes white things look yellow compared to the LED monitor I now use as my primary one. It's much better yes.

    Only get a 120Hz monitor if you NEED it. Don't do it because you think it's got to be the best just because it's got a higher number in it's name ¬_¬. Do some research into the features available, and which of them features you will actually make use of.
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